1102 Taylor Street

35.990678, -78.887366

Cross Street
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1102 Taylor St. represents yet another house style present in the Golden Belt / Morning Glory neighborhood. Although the Edgemont survey from the 1970s notes these as the "3 Room House," they were typically expanded towards the rear of the house.

Although the houses originally had two front doors, it isn't clear that they were divided duplexes; it wasn't uncommon in mill villages to have separate entrances for people in the same house working different shifts.

By the latter 20th century, most of these 2nd front doors had been eliminated, and the front porches partially enclosed.


1102 Taylor, 1984

1102 Taylor was yet another abandoned structure that Scientific Properties purchased in Fall of 2007. It had suffered under several peoples' bright ideas of renovation - mostly ripping stuff out and adding popcorn ceiling texture. It also was sitting pretty much directly on the ground at the rear of the house.

NIS was on our case about this house with vigor, and I can say that everyone told me to tear this house down. But I'm pretty stubborn about these things. We, with Acanthus Construction, raised the house two feet.

1102 Taylor at the start of our renovation 6.14.10

1102 Taylor St., 06.20.10

And completely renovated the exterior - we did not put the 2nd front door back, but added new windows that matched the original dimensions, rebuilt the front porch, took all the vinyl off the outside, rebuilt the framing and foundation, replaced the roof, and left the interior in 'shell' condition.

1102 Taylor St. 09.15.10.

I put it on the market with the interior un-finished, but I couldn't get anyone to bite. In late 2012, I engaged Jon and Acanthus Construction again to renovate the interior of the house on 'spec', which we completed in March of 2013.


(Courtesy Acanthus Construction)


(Courtesy Acanthus Construction)


(Courtesy Acanthus Construction)


(Courtesy Acanthus Construction)


(Courtesy Acanthus Construction)


(Courtesy Acanthus Construction)

In March of 2013, the house sold to an owner-occupant.


Holy cow; remarkable transformation. losing the room on the front and using appropriate windows really made a difference.

The shell looks terrific. What happened with the interior after this?

Is there a reason the window on the far right isn't in line with the others? It's a little distracting.

I don't know why it appears that way in the picture, but it isn't out of line.

The interior had already been gutted when we bought it, and remains so.


Yeah, you guys did a great job with that house. Looks awesome! I love the simplicity...

Beautiful, beautiful work!

Just wondering if you know the sequence of events that lead to the demolition of the houses on Taylor and construction of the elementary school on that land.

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