108 North Buchanan Boulevard

36.002626, -78.912284

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Summer 1993 (Photo by G. Kueber)

Frame Foursquare sheathed in shake shingles built between 1915 and 1919. An entrance porch on box posts is topped by a shingled balustrade. Another one-bay, hip-roofed porch on box posts is attached to the south side. Earliest owner was W. Marvin Newton, president of W.M. Newton & Co., clothiers on W. Main St. In the 1920s.

He sold the house to Dr. Seth J. Montague; after his death, his widow remained in the house until she died in the mid-1940s. Then, Benjamin R. Roberts, president of The Durham Bank and Trust Co. (later Central Carolina Bank) purchased the house for his home. Roberts came to Durham in 1932 and remained with DB & T until his retirement in 1958. Thereafter he served as State Banking Corrnnissioner, appointed by Gov. Luther Hodges. After his death in 1964, the house passed to his daughter; she sold it to an investor who has converted it to four apartments. (CD, -Int.)

I admit to a certain fondness for this Guy Solie owned house as I lived there for nearly a year in 1992-1993. The house was then divided into three apartments - the one I lived in had 1/2 of the 2nd floor and all of the (finished) attic.



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