107-111 East Main St.

35.994911, -78.900196

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107-111 East Main is the 2nd building from the left, with the arched windows and "The Grill" in front.

By the 1890s, Jones and Frasier Jewelry was located at 111 East Main St. The firm was founded in 1885 by Mr. MH Jones. In 1902, William Frasier joined the firm, and it became known as Jones and Frasier. In 192?, the firm relocated to 121 West Main St.

In 1928, 111 East Main housed the "Marathon Candy Kitchen," run by Manuel A Capsalis and Paul J Pavlakis

By the 1940s, 111 East Main housed "The Grill and Fountain" (as seen in the picture above,) run by Manuel A. Capsalis and George Vassileades (residence, 1949 2421 Banner Street)


Grill and Fountain, 1937


Grill and Fountain, 1937


02.66 - I merged together two historic photos to make this full-facade picture, so it's a bit distorted. 



Here's my grandfather's restaurant. He can seen in the second picture standing by the front door, manning the cash register. Oh, to be able to travel back in time!

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