Scarlett, Charles

Date of birth
Place of birth
Orange County, NC
Place of death
Durham, NC
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From the 1910 Durham Illustrated:

One of Durham's lawyers who has, in a short time, been successful in establishing a clientele among the business men of this city and vicinity is Charles Scarlett. Mr. Scarlett is a native of this State, having been born in Orange County on September 16th, 1877. After completing his preliminary education, he attended Trinity College, graduating with honors from that institution in the year 1904. He studied law, and in August 1906 was admitted to the practice of the profession. A year later, he became a resident of Durham and opened his law offices in this city. Since that time he has been particularly successful in establishing an enviable reputation for his conduct of matters that have come under his care. He is building up a most satisfactory clientele, numbering among his clients many of the business men and corporations of the district. In fraternal circles, Mr. Scarlett is a member of the Masons, and of the Junior Order United American Mechanics.

Partners with his brother in the law firm of Scarlett and Scarlett. In 1915, listed in the city directory as living in "City Apts." along with his brother (218 E. Parrish St.) In 1927, he is listed as living in "Copley's Mountain, NC." I have no idea what this is, but I am assuming that it may be some amalgamation of Copley's Corner and Red Mountain, as he still had his law practice in downtown Durham. In 1934, he is listed as living at 922 Englewood with his wife Lillian.

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