1869: Durham incorporated.
1869: St. Joseph AME started in a log cabin on Fayetteville St.
1875: White Rock Baptist Church established
1881: Durham County created
1898: North Carolina Mutual and Provident Association established.
1903: Durham Hosiery Mill No. 2
1907: First African-American newspaper established, The Negro Observer
1910: Durham Knitting Mill.
1910: Dr. James Shepard opens the National Religious Training School and Chautauqua
1913: Durham Colored Library established
1921: Mutual Savings and Loan established
1926: Louis Austin founds The Carolina Times
1935: 'Durham Committee on Negro Affairs' established
1938: Durham Business and Professional Chain established

In the 20 years before 1956, NCM, MF, and MCSL financed 90% of the houses constructed by African-Americans.