Durham's 1927 Comprehensive Plan

As promised (a little while ago) I have scanned the entirety of "The Durham Plan" - Durham's first comprehensive plan, from 1927. It's a fascinating read if you are into figuring out what kind of thinking guided the course of what Durham became over the middle 1/3 of the 20th century. (And if you are reading this website, you probably are.)



I've tried downloading this twice, and both times I ended up with 89 blank pages. I download a lot of PDF documents, and I never have a problem. Do you know what might be happening?

Or maybe that was truly the 1927 plan: blank, blank, blank, blankety blank? ;)


Thanks, Garry --

There's lots of neat stuff in there. On p. 26 there's a photo of Five Points from the east, with a three-storey building at the "point", and a trolley going by. I don't know when that building came down. I don't remember ever seeing it since the 80s, but I may have missed it.

Now it's a small plaza with picnic tables that have chess boards painted into the tops. I don't know if anyone's played yet.


Ha! I should have done that just as a joke. But, no, there should be something on those pages, and I'm confused at to what might be the problem since Phil evidently got it ok. It could be a mac/pc thing, but I thought pdf was pretty platform-agnostic. I'll try thinking of another way to construct this from the scanned images...


That's the Piedmont Building.

It burned in 1965. I have acquired some pictures of the fire which I haven't gotten to add to the above post yet.

It was converted to "Muirhead Plaza" by the early 1970s, which was the previous incarnation of empty brickiness.


OK - you inspired me to get the fire pics added to the Piedmont building post.


i've tried this with both mac and pc and neither version has downloaded...any suggestions?

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