Castle Mont Rouge

36.239605, -78.913027

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Sculptor Robert Mihaly began constructing his Castle Mont Rouge in 2005 but for whatever reason (the lore of the Internet says either because of his wife's death or his divorce) he never completed the structure. Mihaly launched a very eccentric but unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign to preserve the castle in 2014, promising titles of nobility (among other chivalrous rewards) to those who donated to help achieve his goal of $65,000 (he fell flat with only $12,763).

Mihaly, referring to himself as "the Errant Sculptor", wrote on the campaign page "The goals of the present campaign are modest. They are to stop the rain's penetration and to add the modern technology known as "glass" to the breezy openings in the Castle's walls...When my marble sculptures are left outdoors they erode at maybe 1/16" of an inch per century. The Castle is eroding much faster."

Through email corresponance (7/29/17), Mihaly says he plans to restore and complete the castle beginning March 2018.

The Mont Rouge Castle (actually just over the Person County line) 02.07.09


The castle has attracted Internet attention from Atlas Obscura-type media sites which provide some exclusive photos and videos of the structure inside:


This house has been put on the market just recently. This would be a cool place to live.

the castle is abandoned now and I don't think it was ever completed


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