2618 Hillsborough Road

36.011485, -78.929578

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2618 Hillsborough Road, 06.17.58

I'm not sure I've ever seen a house decapitated in quite the same way 2618 Hillsborough Road was. It's almost as if the crew responsible for the shrinking of the Old Cigarette Factory in 1948 was hungry for work. Building Shortening Services? The Home Halving Co.?

2618 Hillsborough Road, 06.07.09

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I bet the top of this house ended up on the Ross House mentioned last week. You remember - "The Platypus" AKA "The Liger" as it was named.

Oh my- how sad is that?

No way! I had no clue that was a two story before hand. Yikes!

I grew up in a neighborhood in which the second story of a two story house caught fire. The house was restructured into a one story house afterwards. Wonder if that is what happened to this house at some point?

As I can recall this house was converted from a residence to a daycare.I remember hearing that regulations at that time would not allow more than one floor for a daycare.

OMG, this was my nursery school in the '50s. I was wondering whatever happened to it. We were mostly in the basement. There was a playground outside, and you went upstairs with the maid if you were sick. Sometimes, we would walk over to Greystone for chocolate milk. I can't believe it's still there!

dang... I always wondered why the house seemed "so square," but I never would have guessed that it was halved like that!

Great post! Now... where's the other half? :)

My oldest son went to daycare there in late 60's early 70's . They removed 2nd story after he left .

My grandparents lived in that house and then converted it into a nursery school after they moved out. It was named, "Wallace's Day Care". I remember when they tore the top floor off, and it was due to regulations. I spent a many day running around that play ground and that latest picture just breaks my heart to know what it once was.....

My grandparents owned that property from around the mid 40's until 1977. When I was born, my parents and I lived there for a brief time. The top floor was actually the third floor and it had to be removed due to fire code regulations at the time. The day care was started on the bottom floor. It was that way for many years. My grandparents, dad, his 2 brothers and 1 sister all still lived on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

I remember every inch of that house. I remember the different smells in that house. It was originally owned by Gray Stone Baptist Church before my grandparents purchased it. When my grandfather passed away, my grandmother decided to sell the business and retire. My brother, Eddie Wallace was to young to remember what I remember. He did used to love playing there though.

Pam Wallace Barr

Pam, I do remember us walking to Bill Holmes's "Doc and Deans", to get that good ole lemonade. Those were the days.

I grew up on Oakland Ave, and this was the residence and a nurseryschool owned by the residence of the house. Also the owners of the house were members of Greystone Baptist Church.

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