506 Oakwood Ave.

35.996643, -78.893313

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506 Oakwood, 1980

From the National Register Nomination, 2009:

The form of this two-story, Colonial Revival-style house remains largely intact and is two bays wide and double-pile with a high, hipped roof and front gable. The house rests on a stuccoed brick foundation, has German-profile wood siding and wood soffits, fascia boards, boxed eaves, and full gable returns. The asphalt-shingled roof is pierced by two tall, corbelled brick chimneys. A one-story, hipped-roof porch extends across the front of the house and wraps around the right (south) side of the house terminating at a two-story gabled block with full gable return. The porch is supported by tapered wood posts and has an original wood rail. The portion of the porch along the south side of the house has been enclosed and one-over-one wood windows and a second front entrance installed. Most windows have been replaced with vinyl six-over-six windows and a tall, arched vinyl window has been installed on the south elevation. Mrs. L. C. Craig occupied the house in 1919.

506 Oakwood, 2006

506 Oakwood underwent a wonderful renovation in ~2009, undoing all of the remuddling done to it in prior years.



BLEAGH! The house looked much better in 1980. The vinyl siding, shutters, and especially the new windows must GO!

Oh come on, the house is much more charming now. Love the new octagonal window, and I'm sure the replacement windows are much more energy efficient! Do wonder why it was necessary to add another column to the left... was there really that much sagitude?

@Kelly: I guess there is no accounting for taste , but what is "charming" about fake vinyl shutters and obviously fake muntins? I'll grant you that the house was remuddled already by the time of the 1980 picture. That strange protuberance on the front porch (an added bathroom I would guess) is not attractive but it isn't improved by the addition of that octagonal window. (On the inside it must have the ambience of a restroom on a rundown freighter.) And, of course, that new window on second-floor right, with it's ridiculous Palladian top completes the worst-of-both-worlds look. I agree with Demerius: BLEAGH!

this house was totally rennovated and now owner occupied.

@Natalie... umm so is this pic before or after the renovation?

It's before - my apologies for not getting updated pictures up on this and 503 Oakwood - was just trying to get most of what I had on Cleveland-Holloway out there for their home tour, and I probably should have just left the ones I didn't have new pictures for unpublished.


This morning I walked by 506 Oakwood to look at the changes. The vinyl siding...GONE! The vinyl windows with fake muntins...GONE! The vinyl shutters...GONE! The weird protuberance on the front porch...GONE! The ridiculous pseudo-Palladian window...GONE! The octagonal window (sorry, Kelly)...GONE!

The house looks fabulous. It is back to wood siding with architecturally appropriate one-over-one wooden windows. Beautiful!

My congratulations to the restorers and the owners, because this truly was a restoration.

I'm kinda bummed about this... I thought the added windows improved the house in many ways!

Okay, time to fess up, I was just joshing in my original post. Kudos to the new owners!

I lived at 506 Oakwood Avenue for a time in the early 60's. Anyone remember the Brown's? Dorothy, Jerry, Jo Anne, Simmie, Barbara & Virgil.

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