Mystery Photo - 04.15.10

Can you help?
You don't need to know everything, but do you know the neighborhood?
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Gary's new house (and transportation) now that he is a high powered executive?


Yup - that's the executive uniform too.


Did you cut your finger scanning the photo Gary? Yuck.

That magnificent edifice even has an enclosed (note NOT detached) one-horse garage.

Are there any context clues? Anything written on the back or on the box it may have been in? Knowledge of other pictures found with it? Where did this image come from? It's a neat picture anyway.

No clues. It was in the Wyatt Dixon collection, and the photos in the box are all of Durham/Durham County, from many different periods of time and areas of Durham. There was nothing written on the photo.

That's a shame we don't have more on this building. I wonder if it is a blacksmith shop. I would guess somewhere near Prattsburg.
Thanks for your work, Gary. Your work is commendable.

Hmmm... livery stable? Fire department? The guy's definitely in a uniform...

The only thing I know about horses is that I don't like being around them. I was bitten by one as a kid.

Aside from that, the horse looks big-like a working class or draft horse. Fire dept. may be correct, or military? Gary, any clues from that cross style window at the peak? Could it go back to the 1860's Civil War era?


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