Mystery Photo - 02.18.10

Can you help?
You don't need to know everything, but do you know the neighborhood?
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Probably 1890s, based on dress. James R. Day was a tobacco mfg affiliated with Blackwell's Bull Durham, and I've found a GT Meadows as a tobacco dealer in Durham in the 1890s, but I've found no record of a business called Day and Meadows.
(Courtesy Durham County Library - North Carolina Collection)


i think this is a James Meadows that owned a grist mill near Oxford, NC in early 1800s. There was a "Day & Meadows" business there around this time, also was a "Meadows and Gooch" also a grist mill.

I think there were several of these types of businesses along the Tar River and the creeks that form it (shelton's creek) there in this "era" of life in the upper eastern piedmont region of central nc. I recently saw a Raleigh broker with a listing for several hundred acres of land for sale near where the second link below says that the Meadows fam lived. Perhaps even the very location of the mysterious picture.

Meadows and Gooch General Store and M&G Saw & Grist Mill were both located at the location in the link below. If i had to guess.. I would saw that Meadows and Gooch's store and Meadows and Day's, are one and the same, and are both located at the site in that google map linky- where the Tar River crosses Gooch's Mill Rd near Berea NC.

There is another link there with some Meadows fam info.

Boom- Gooch out.…

also see there was a "day & howard" general store there in granville county as well. Still are Howards living on Enon Rd about a mile downstream from Gooch Rd and Tar River intersection.

the mystery continues to unravel

W.T. Blackwell's partner was James R. Day, not Thomas. The third partner was, of course, Julian S. Carr. W. T. Blackwell and James R. Day were from Person County. The man on the right in the photo does look very much like one of the men in a photograph of the first work force at Blackwell's taken about 1870. I think the library has a copy of that photo and I think Ben Roberts included it in his book. I have never heard of this business associated with Durham.


You are right about James vs. Thomas - my typo.


oops. Anonymous beat me to it. :)

As has already been said, Chas Emerson's NC 1886 Tobacco Belt Directory lists a "Day & Meadows, saw and grist mills" of Berea, Granville County, NC; there's also a W.R. Day listed as a dealer in leaf tobacco and groceries in Durham, at the corner of Mangum and Church, but...

There are a few photos at the library that are erroneously listed as being located in Durham County, this is likely one of them.

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