Dupree Street

Dupree Street appears, as Lucille Street, on a 1911 plat. The name was changed some time after 1925 when Lucille was connected to a Dupree Street extending northwest from Alston Avenue. Lucille's identity is unfortunately unknown.

On a 1925 city map, Dupree appears as a stub running toward Lucille from Alston Avenue, both streets dead-ending at a creek bottom between Lincoln and Colfax streets.

The street is named for a Dupree family, who owned a 2.91-acre tract more than 1,000 feet deep on Alston Avenue between Dupree Street and Cox Avenue. J.H. and Annie L. Dupree bought the property in 1920 and a 1926 plat shows it as the Dupree Home Place.

At some time after 1925, Lucille and Dupree were connected and the entire length of the street became "Dupree."