Thomas and Howard Company

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From Durham Illustrated, 1910

An important factor in the upbuilding of Durham, and the bringing of her into prominence as a distributing center, has been the wholesale grocery and provision houses. Important among these is the Thomas and Howard Company, whose warehouse is situated in a substantial brick building (205 x 130 feet in dimensions) the property of the firm on East Peabody Street. This company was established about six years ago [1904] under the firm name of the Thomas-White Company, and early in the present year changed to Thomas and Howard COmpany. The officers of the company are: President, Charles C. Thomas and Secretary-Treasurer, C.L. Howard. Mr. Thomas is one of the best known commercial and financial men in Durham. He is a life-long citizen of the city and a most public-spirited gentleman. He is the President of the Merchants Bank, and financially interested in a number of other important local enterprises. Mr. Howard is a thoroughly experienced man in the wholesaling of food products. Besides being Secretary and Treasurer of this company he holds a like position in the Chandler Produce Co. A competent staff of warehouse men and clerks is employed, and travelers kept constantly on the road. Prompt shipment is always made, and the greatest satisfaction assured each and every customer, whether he be close by he warehouse or a hundred miles away. A full stock of fancy and heavy groceries is carried and a specialty made of molasses, lard, and sugar, three articles this house has become famous for. 

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