Sealtest Building - Hillsborough Rd.

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You don't need to know everything, but do you know the year it was built?
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THis unit was run by two brothers until the 90's when it was sold outl

Where are you Charlie Chicken?

I am not sure but I think this was on Hillsboro rd about where the new Mcdonalds is now robby

Sealtest was located on Hillsborough Road. Sealtest Dairy was a division of National Dairy Products Corporation (predecessor to Kraft Foods, Inc.) of Delaware. The brand name was later acquired by Ault Foods of Toronto, Ontario and used on dairy products sold in Canada. The Sealtest plant in Toronto took over operations of Silverwood Dairy, the local dairy, in the 1980s. Sealtest brand is now licensed by Natrel.

This was on Hillsborough Rd. to the right of Porky's Palace. In the late 50-60's they had a large walk-in freezer. The ground underneath it froze, swelled and raised the floor. They could not open and close the door. I went there for Lovett's Electric Co, drilled holes underneath the floor and installed heating elements to thaw the ground so they could open and close the door.

What a great story, James Glenn -- thanks!

Is this the building the donut shop was in? Dunkin Donuts and then Aunt Dots? Donuts? Was knocked down to build the Mc Donalds or the car wash?

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