Rigsbee Avenue "Super-Market"

35.996687, -78.900029

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Looking northwest, 1924.
(Courtesy Duke Archives)

The building just behind the First Baptist Church in the above photograph began as a livery stable (where people would stable their horses) but later became a car garage.

By 1940, the building had been replaced or remodeled as one of Durham's first "super-markets"


Looking northwest from Rigsbee Ave. near Mangum.
(Courtesy Library of Congress)

This A&P likely closed with the opening of an A&P one block away, at N. Mangum and East Chapel Hill Sts. - which probably occurred in the 1950s. The building then changed to warehouse space.

Looking northwest, 1963.
(Courtesy Durham County Library)

A view southwest from N. Manugum shows the building just to the south of the Gulf Station on East Chapel Hill.
(Courtesy Durham County Library)

This building was torn down by the city as part of the urban renewal program. Rigsbee Ave. between East Chapel Hill St. and N. Mangum was closed, and part of the land the grocery sat on was used to construct an obstrusive parking deck in the 1970s.

Looking northwest, 2007.

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