Parrish Store - Erwin And Cornwallis

35.994798, -78.974343

Cross Street
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Looking west, December 1967 (Courtesy Duncan Heron)

The store that once stood at the southwest corner of Erwin Road and Cornwallis Road was likely built in the early 20th century. David Southern believes the building was once a Grange Hall. 

By the 1960s, it was the Parrish Store.


Mrs. Parrish, October 1967 (Courtesy Duncan Heron)

Per Scott Heron:

"Mr Gooch owned or at least operated the Cornwallis / Erwin Rd Store circa 1968-9.  Old cigar smoking white hired man with a funny laugh.  Died around that same time of a heart attack as I recall.  We would ride our dirt bikes there and shoot the breeze with him often while drinking Coca Colas."


Aerial showing the intersection of Cornwallis Road and Erwin Road - the Parrish Store is to the left. (To the right is the JH Shepherd House "#2")

In 1970 Cornwallis Road was re-aligned to 'fix' the offset visible in the 1959 aerial above - the Parrish Store was demolished.


I grew up near the area of Cornwallis and Erwin. We always referred to this store as "Copeland"s store.

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