Mystery Photo - 06.02.10

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You don't need to know everything, but do you know the year it was built?
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"Urban Renewal - Hayti/Elizabeth St. Project, 04.15.66"

(Note that the Hayti/Elizabeth Street Project covered almost the entirety of the Urban Renewal Area, so it does not necessarily imply that it is Elizabeth or near Elizabeth. Although it might be...)

(Courtesy The Herald-Sun Newspaper)


Could that be Mallard or Railroad St near Alston and the city stables?

This photograph really stands out from your other (also powerful) mystery photos because it's in color and it's almost contemporary.

I keep coming back to that square smokestack. The only one I can place in my head is on top of what's now Peabody Place, but I feel sure that there's one standing in E. Durham somewhere, but I can't think where.

I'm sure it's not, but it reminds me of the lil row of mill houses along Orient off Washington...


Based on the shadows, it looks like the chimney in the background turns 45 degrees about halfway up, based on what I think is the very top of the lower half visible just over the roof line. Which would mean the base of the chimney is parallel to the street.

However if the angle of the chimney is continuous throughout (i.e. is parallel to another street/road), then the street in the picture comes in at an angle to a larger road (assuming a main road/street).

This has to be located on S. Elizabeth Street or Walker Street. I'm guessing this is behind the present brick building on E. Main Street that was converted into appartments for elderly people.

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