Midway Drive-In

36.031605, -78.967602

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Can you help?
You don't need to know everything, but do you know the year it was built?
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I do believe the Midway Drive In  was on US 70  near I-85 . The drive in on 98 was the Forest Drive In if I am not mistaken.

Whoops. I believe you are right. Anyone know exactly where this was on 70?


The theater was located on old Hillsborough Rd. It was across Hillsborough Rd.from  the Duke Energy Complex . I think it was on the land that Operations Drive is located on.

Thanks Anon- I have to approve all comments because of spam. Thanks to your help, I found it on a 1972 aerial. Fortunately drive-ins are pretty distinctive on aerial views. 


Before it went XX, it was a nice Drive In theater for families. My parents would load up us 4 kids, with a picnic basket, and head to the Midway on a warm summer night. We would watch the movies from the back of a pickup truck, or sit on benches that were provided in front of the screen. I don't remember any movie that I saw there, but I remember we had fun. Sometimes we got hotdogs, and candy and popcorn from the snack bar. I remember I always knew we were near the Drive In when I saw the lights on the 3 radio towers thru the woods on the left. This was early 50s, before I-85 of course.
It was there at least into the mid 70s, don't know when it was demolished.

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