Mary And Charles B. Nye House

35.980552, -78.909983

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From the updated National Register nomination form of 2014, completed by Jennifer Martin and Cynthia de Miranda

One-story Ranch house, set on a slope with a basement, side-gable roof, brick walls, interior chimney, a recessed door, eight-over-eight sash windows, and a garage in the basement.

The following information comes from the City Directories and general web searching:

Year Occupant(s) Occupation(s) Other information
1962 Dr. Mary Jane Nye Charles B. Nye pediatric specialist general counsel secretary Charles worked for Durham & Southern Railway and Duke Hospital, and as counsel for Nello Teer in 1960
1967 Kitty T. Holt Robert E.L. Holt III   office manager Robert worked at Cameron Brown Co., a mortgage loan company located at 301 W Main St
1969 Margaet Lucas Streb Bartholomew Andrew "Bart" Streb III   office manager Bart appears to have also worked at Cameron Brown Co., a mortgage loan company located at 301 W Main St.  He was born in Wake County in 1937 and passed away in Wilmington, NC in 2000.
1970 (vacant)        
1972 Nina B. Brown Nabo B. Brown      
1973 Rebecca "Becky" Reid Donald G. Gregg   student Donald was listed as a student but soon became an ER doctor at Greenville (SC) Memorial Hospital in 1978.  He worked there until he passed away in 2015.
1977 Katherine Hartnett Tim Hartnett   employee Tim worked at Liggett & Myers.
1991 Marilyn T. Guthrie Luther "Tom" Guthrie employee manager Marilyn worked in RTP, but Tom's employer was unknown.


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