Kepley House

35.877102, -78.986594

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Easily identified by single-sash upper-story windows, the one-and one-half-story, side-gabled Kepley House is a good example of a late-nineteenth-early-twentieth-century vernacular house type less common to Durham County than the Triple-A I-house or Triple-A cottage. This dwelling has one of two exterior end chimneys still standing and a full-facade shed-roofed front porch with square post supports. An earlier one-room structure with wide hand-planed sheathing forms part of a rear ell now expanded by a shed addition and joined to the main block by an enclosed breezeway.

Other structures on the property include a frame equipment shed, a well enclosure, and a grape arbor made of cedar logs. A large locust tree near the house once sheltered a blacksmith’s forge.


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