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The Globe Tobacco Warehouse was built in 1885 and located on the north side of West Main St., between the Duke Factory and Five Points and adjacent to the railroad tracks.

(Courtesy Duke Archives - digitized by Digital Durham)

By the 1920s the building had become a Norfolk and Western freight depot.

(Courtesy Duke Archives)

A view of the back of the warehouse, looking southeast towards Main St. and Great Jones St.

(Courtesy Duke Archives)

A view from the Five Points Drug Company, looking west up Main Street. The Globe Warehouse is on the right side of the street.

(Courtesy Durham County Library)

It can be seen at the right edge of this picture (look for the little curve on the top of the facade).

(Courtesy Durham County Library)

At some point between 1948 and 1952, the second story and the 'appendage' on the west side of the building were removed.

1952 view of the building from Great Jones

Looking northwest from Great Jones and Main Sts., 1963.

The above picture is from an urban renewal appraisal, signaling its imminent demise.


From Great Jones and West Main, late 1960s

It was torn down in 1974, and this land became part of the Loop and, for about a decade, the main bus terminal downtown. This bus terminal is vacant as of 2009, and awaiting repurpose/demolition.


Do you know when it was built? Was the Globe a competitor to the bull durham tobacco? Thanks for making ED so great!

I recently discovered another source for photographs and information about NC trains and stations: the Piedmont and Western Railroad Club.

A few old timey shots of the Norfolk & Western freight station and other Durham locations can be seen, here.

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