Few House

35.881357947534, -79.002900224421

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Hi Gary,

It is Dana Few Pope. I do not recognize this house, and am pretty sure it isn't on our property. I know it isn't the house on our farm. Where is this house? If you want to take a picture of the farm, I can put you in touch with my brother.

Thanks for everything you have done and continue to do for Open Durham. I especially LOVED the house you bought, fixed up and moved to Vickers Ave. I actually went in it about 2 years ago to buy a sofa from the lady that lived there. I had no idea it had been your house. It was adorable. You are amazing!

Take care,


Hi Dana - how curious. My father-in-law calls the pond that this sits on "Few's Pond" - it's shown on Google Maps as "Few Lake." The entrance is a gravel drive off of Farrington Mill Rd. He also refers to the owners as the Few family. Is there more than one branch of Fews around here?

Thanks very much for the kudos on the house on Vickers - I lived in the yellow house (803 Vickers, née 507 Yancey) for 18 years, so it holds a special place in my heart!



I've been wanting to photograph the house on Farrington Mill Road for a long time, but didn't know who to talk to. I'm curious to know if the mystery of whether the picture is actually the house on the back side of Few Lake. It looks like what I can see from the road and an aerial suites it too.




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