Croscill Curtain Plant

35.975575, -78.885478

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You don't need to know everything, but do you know the year it was built?
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For a second I thought Durham Drapery but don't think in right location.

This building's cornerstone states its history as a curtain factory. It is currently used by Durham Public Schools, and commonly referred to as Bacon Street. Part of the building has recently been renovated to accommodate more offices, but still contains a warehouse. That exact picture is hanging in one of the hallways since the renovations.

Stephen I think it probably does - but looking south at the future intersection of Bacon and Lawson (the streets still under construction) from closer to Sima and Bacon. GK

I'm trying to get the facade & topography of the photo to match the building at Bacon & Lawson (DPS Warehouse) with no such luck. :(

Durham could use some of that type investment could communities all across the fruited plain.....

I agree, the building is still there.

I believe this was at Bacon and Lawson Streets.

Durham Drapery was the original name of the NC factories.

I must've made a wrong turn at Albuquerque. Thanks Gary! -S

It started out as Crocill, then changed to durham drapery, there were three in durham and one in Henderson. Later it became royal home fashions and all were moved to Henderson, I, my mom, my aunt, sister, cousins all work at the various location, bacon and lawson and fay

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