Budd-Piper Building - West Chapel Hill Street

35.996847, -78.905042

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115-117 West Chapel Hill Street was the original location of the Budd-Piper Roofing Company - a company still located downtown, on Ramseur St. as of 2006.


View of Budd-Piper building, circa 1910. Looking south from the north side of West Chapel Hill St. (Durham County Library)

The Budd-Piper building (second on the right) during the underpass creation, 1920s (looking east up West Chapel Hill St.) A small, third building can be seen beyond those two, for which no picture is available. The fourth and fifth building are the buildings that constitute the Book Exchange, in later pictures, below.





(Courtesy Durham County Library)

Looking west from the Budd-Piper building across the roof of the TO Sharp building, early 1920s:






(Courtesy Duke Rare Book and Manuscript Collection.)

Looking southeast from the Liggett Factory, 1948:









1959 aerial

(Courtesy Durham County Library)

111-117 West Chapel Hill Street, 1940s. (Via picture of old photo by George Pyne; orginal provenance unknown.)

The Budd-Piper building and the TO Sharp building next door were two of the first to go in Durham's 1960's building blitzkrieg - to make way for roadway access to parking behind the buildings to the east along West Main Street.



Looking west, 1959 - underpass is at the right edge of the picture.
(Courtesy Durham County Library)

After the teardown, but before the construction of the loop, 1960.


Looking southeast.
(Courtesy Durham County Library)

After the creation of the loop, 1963.


Looking southeast.
(Courtesy Durham County Library)





A wider view showing clear two-way-ness to the initial loop construction.
(Courtesy The Herald-Sun)

And another view from 1964, which doesn't add much new except for the sign - can't wait for that parking deck!



Looking southeast

Same location, 2007. Not sure why or when the retaining wall got so high and the landscaping obliterated.


Looking southeast.

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