921 Oakland

36.01362, -78.929396

Cross Street
Year built
c. 1900-1915
Construction type
Building Type
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Looking southwest from Knox and Oakland, 05.23.09

I don't know any particularly extraordinary history of the house at 921 Oakland Ave.; it's simply a bit unusual for houses of its vintage. It appears to predate most of the surrounding houses by a decade or two, and while the form isn't particularly atypical for a 1900-1915 house, the materials are. Slate roof, stuccoed exterior, and stone lintels on the windows are not typical for houses this size, particularly in Durham. Combined with the 'rising sun' motif of the porch railings and the deeply recessed gable-fronts, this house is quite architecturally distinctive.

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I find it interesting that the porch is not on a solid foundation skirt. I assume it's on piers with the lattice surround.

Interesting indeed.


The porch was "redone"--very badly--a few years back. It originally had large square stucco piers and plain straight up-and-down wood rails between them. The new porch looks a bit goofy I think.

I grew up on Oakland ave. When I was a kid I used to think the house was haunted. I remember that 2ladies lived there and we kids never really knew who they were. The railings are newer. When I was a kid it had stucco pillars and the yard was overgrown. I lived there from 1949 utility I graduated from college in 1971. My mother lived on Oakland Ave until her death in 1979. I moved from Durham in 1974. Love your blog. Since I left Durham and NC in 1974.

Sadly, this house is being torn down.  This house has so much character, it's a real loss for the neighborhood.  I think it would be classified as Victorian cottage.  It appears material from it is being salvaged, hopefully for re-use. What a shame.

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