914 North Mangum Street

36.00477, -78.894138

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914 North Mangum St., 1960s
(Courtesy The Herald-Sun Newspaper)

Several long-time residents believe that this house may be the oldest structure in the 900 block of North Mangum St.; they recall when the rear kitchen-dining room wing was not attached to the house and livestock grazed in the rear yard. The earliest known owner of this two-story single-pile frame house with triple-A roofline was Junius M. Flintom who ran a hardware store at the corner of North Mangum and East Chapel Hill Streets. Mr. Flintom also sold crushed rock from a quarry near the old county home, later the site of Durham Regional Hospital. A notable feature of the house is the original iron fence surrounding the front yard.

914 North Mangum, 03.28.11

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My grandparents moved into this home that they rented in 1959 and eventually purchased. It had been condemed and my grandfather, Pete Jannetta who was a carpenter restored it. I was 6 months old when we moved there in 1959. The first picture was taken while we lived there. I am now 55 years old and I do not believe it is the oldest home. When I was a small child two sisters lived across the street in the now "Durham Bull" house. They were around 75 years old at the time that they told me they watched our house being built when they were little girls so their home had to have been built before this one.

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