714 Iredell St.

36.008651, -78.92072

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You don't need to know everything, but do you know the year it was built?
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I love this little place. (I see it enough with all the car repairs we have done at Melton's across the street!) Hope it gets restored one day...

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I lived at 714 Iredell St. as a kid. My Dad worked at the mill, as did most of the other parents in the neighborhood. We were poor, but we didn't know it. The whole neighborhood was like one big family. We had horseshoe pegs in the back yard, and one clang of the horseshoes would bring neighbors out to play. I remember when I found out that we had to move, I cried for days, as did my sister and Mother. Probably my Dad and my brother, too, but in those days men weren't supposed to cry. My Dad is now deceased, and my Mother is in bad health and lives in a nursing home. This past Mother's Day, my sister and I took Mom out to celebrate. She wanted to ride through West Durham and see our old house where we made so many memories and had so many good times.

We lived at 712 from 1964 to1971.

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