420 South Street

35.990312, -78.904284

Cross Street
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Can you help?
You don't need to know everything, but do you know the year it was built?
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(Courtesy Durham County Library / North Carolina Collection)


I can't guess the "where," but the "when" would be circa 1965, based on the 1962 Pontiac.

Paul Magee

is that the school of Math & science at the end of the street?


I have no idea what it is, but that's definitely not NCSSM at the end.

My original scan is higher resolution, and I can't tell what is at the end of the street in it either.


The picture you are looking at is
the Williams Produce mkt on South
St down the hill from the Pepsi
Cola Plant and beside Scott and
Roberts Cleaners,Good owners and
good merchandise (candy)

Nicely done Deloris! That must be about 302 South Street, at the corner of Proctor and South. I wondered if that was the Silk Hosiery Mill at the end of the street... Now that you've pointed the way, I can see the buildings in the Bird's Eye view here.


Wait, so the building all the way in the background in this page is the same as the one that's partially cutoff at the top of the second photo on this page?

G Wolf

Yes - this one. Proctor and South would have been pretty high ground prior to the freeway. Think of how high the sidewalk around the parking garage behind the DPAC is; this would have been 1 block south of there. You can get a sense of how high this was by looking at the way Morehead cuts into the north end of the Forest Hills Heights public housing. That's about where this would have been.



As this was our only neighborhood grocery store that sold meats, vegetable, fruits and yes CANDY (yum) it did sat near the end of South and Proctor
with the Dry Cleaner being at the end. this was about a good block from where the Forest Hill Apts is now,and you are correct the Hosery Mill is seen
at the top of the picture. Loving all the memories this brings back

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