406 Cozart Ave.

35.988366, -78.897015

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"Residence of Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Shepard." from Milestones Along the Color Line, 1922.

Shepard lived in this house on Cozart St. from the 1910s until 1928, when he moved to his residence at 1608 Fayetteville St. Given that Lincoln Hospital, where Shepard was a staff physician, was ~ one block away from this house until 1924, when it moved to Fayetteville St., it seems likely that Shepard relocated his residence to have approximately the same proximity to the new hospital building.

This house was divided into a duplex, and demolished for construction of the Durham Freeway in 1967.


This *may* be the property deeded by Cozart to Shepard in Book 35, p 353 of the Durham County Register of Deeds, dated 3 July 1906. It consisted of approximately 0.42 acres and lists a purchase price of $2,000. This was when deeds were handwritten, so I'm trying to improve the contrast on the document so I can read the description better.

During the 1940's and until it was demolished, this house was a boarding house operated by Mrs. Georgia Williams.  The house was noted in the community for having a large lighted clock on the exterior.  The house did not face Cozart St. but faced the house next door which was also a boarding house run by Mrs.Williams sister

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