309 Mallard Ave.

35.997744, -78.894088

Cross Street
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July 2006

This two-story, two-bay house with a high, hipped roof has a shed-roofed dormer on the front of the house with a window that has been sided over. There is a two-story gabled wing with full gable return at the right rear of the house facing N. Queen Street. A shorter, two-story rear gable extends from the left side of the house with a one-story shed-roofed addition (perhaps an enclosed porch) facing N. Queen Street. The home has lost much of its grandeur with the addition of vinyl siding, replacement one-over-one windows, and the removal of exterior trim and porch details. It rests on a stuccoed brick foundation, has two tall, corbelled brick chimneys, and standing-seam metal on all roof surfaces, which have a slight flare at the eaves. The one-story, hip-roofed wraparound porch has replacement square posts, a modern rail, concrete porch floor, and two sets of granite stairs with brick curbs. The house has been divided into apartments with two entrances on the front elevation, a third entrance in the two-story cross-gable block, and a fourth entrance in the shed-roof one-story rear block. It is currently vacant and boarded. Tax records date the building to 1912, but the house was occupied by Eugene G. Belvin (deputy sheriff and jailor) and Miss Lorena Lyon from at least 1915 to 1934.

February 2021 (N. Levy)


Our family lived across the street at 310 mallard street .In the early 50s is was named  Markham street. A retired couple named Mangum lived at 309 then and rented out rooms.Our house and that whole side of the street has been razed.

Anon - do you have any old pictures of your house at 310 Mallard? I'd love to add it to the site.

Many thanks



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