2625 Hillsborough Road

36.0115017989, -78.9301957451

Cross Street
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Ad in Duke Chronicle, October 3, 1969.

Ad in Duke Chronicle, November 14, 1968.

1969 keg contest for Duke students.








1978 ad

Jim's Party Store lives

Jim's lives on. View from Trent, December 24, 2014.

As of 2014, this building was under renovation to house a new (second) location of "Cocoa Cinnamon," a café that started on the northeast corner of W. Geer and Foster Streets.


Jim's Party Store ???   First place I ever purchased alcohol .

Yes, this is the old Jim's Party store.  Does anyone remember their T-shirts?  They use to quite popular - i know I wore out at least 3 of them.

So Glad to see this is here.Thanks to you guys for keeping Jims party store alive. I am still in the Raleigh durham area. Thanks to all my wonderfull customs and friends. I would do it all over again. Jim

Jim's Party Store Tee Shirts! Man-o-man...have not thought about those beautiful shirts in decades! They were the go-to fashion item for the casual/cool teen in the '70's. Can you replicate and sell them on-line Jim? Anyone able to post one of those on this site?

I remember Jim's. Loved going in there. What a great store that was. Funny seeing that picture of Lancer"s Wine. Never found much wine that I liked but Lancer's Vin Rose in those ceramic type bottles was really good. Across the street from Jim's there was a Chinese restaurant that we liked, and the Saki was good too.

what was the restaurant that this became? i remember as a kid it was quite popular with the after-work crowd.

Jim's Party Store - my grandpa's favorite place to get his beer!

Fond memories - let me charge my beer until my monthly check from my parents came in.  Duke '69

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