203 Peachtree Place

35.991774, -78.893324

Cross Street
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This home was demolished in the late 1960's as part of Urban Renewal Project 6A, N.C. R-52.  Not much has been recorded about the houses on this block, but from Hill's Durham Directories I can deduce that Peachtree Place did not exist prior to 1887 but had numerous homes built on it by 1905, meaning that most homes were built during that time frame. Throughout the years, sections of the street were called Peachtree Alley. 

Former resident Lawrence Ridgle descibes the community:

"I was born in Durham. Lived in Durham all of my life. I was born about a block from Main Street in an area they call Peach Tree Alley. I stayed there until, I guess, I might have been three or four years old. And it there was kind of ghetto type place."   

Oral History Interview with Lawrence Ridgle, June 3, 1999. Interview K-0143. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)

Records show a "Ridgers" living at 203 Peachtree Place in 1938, and a "Rigels" living next door at 205 Peachtee Place in the 1940's. I imagine it is ilkely the same family and different spellings. 

 At the time of demolition, the house was bought from Charles T. Poe to make way for new public housing.  Charles T. Poe was a contractor who worked for TW Poe and Sons (he and his brother Ernesto being the "sons"). Charles lived with his wife Betty at 507 N. Maple Street for many years, so it is possible this was a rental house they owned or a family member's home they inherited.

Numerous blocks of homes were bought up and torn down, the end result being a Peachtree Place that now begins on the 300 block rather than at zero.  The houses of 203-209 Peachtree Place as well as 109 Elizabeth St were grouped together as a parcel. The remaining houses in this particular parcel were owned by the estate of  LM Massey, who as far as I can tell was part owner of O.C. Upchurch & Co Heavy and Fancy Groceries at 105 Parrish St.   


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