2002 Hillsborough Rd.

36.010601, -78.922586

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Likely built for Pizza Place when they moved from their location at 107-109 East Chapel Hill Street; was still Pizza Palace up until 2004, when the restaurant moved to Guess Road. At some point, the restaurant was expanded with the brick facade on the west and south faces.

Georgio jumped into a venture here with Grasshopper Asian Kitchen. It did not do well, and closed. In 2007, Blu Seafood opened and is still in this location as of 2014.. Vesitges of the previous venture can be noted in the bamboo door handles.

~2007 (Courtesy Eat at Joe's)

03.31.14 (G. Kueber)


The Pizza Palace will remain my all time favorite pizza place. I would get takeout a lot and stand at the window and watch the owner, whose name escapes me, hand toss pizza dough. She was a beautiful young woman and always very nice. I believe her husband was there most of the time, he was always in a wheelchair as I remember. We were very sad to see it close. My oldest son had his first taste of pizza there and never cared for any other very much, even went there when the former mayor was the owner. Thanks for the memory.

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It was absolutely the best pizza and the coolest place. Red checkered table cloths, juke box, stained glass lamp (Schlitz?) hanging over the bar. Would love to see the Rodenhisers open a place downtown again.

Your photo is out of date.

MK Ramm - would love it if you or someone else would take a present-day photo, click "edit" above, and upload it to the post. Many thanks!


This building was built in 1963 by the owners of Mcbroom Rental who also ran the Gulf station next to it. It later changed after Mcbroom moved to the old Broadway sandwich co. on Guess road . The building had one roll up door and one single door on the front when it was built. This Pizza Palace was owned by Jimmy Renn until his death . There was also George's Pizza Palace that used the same ingrediants . I can't remember where the other one was right now . Jimmy Renn always had the best pizza in Durham in my opinion .We moved to Person County but would always came back to Jimmy's for our pizzas. I have heard that George's had equally good pizza .

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