1508 James Street

35.984463, -78.925964

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(Below in italics is from the 2003 Lakewood Park National Register listing; not verified for accuracy by this author.)

  Rufus and Annie Rigsbee House. Gable-and-wing 2-story house with a hipped roof, weatherboards, boxed eaves, a large center chinmey, and a wraparound porch. The 1/1 sash windows and the paired tumed posts may be replacements. The side-gabled 1-story wing on the south side is an addition. The original owners were Rufus and Annie Rigsbee. TheW. I. Dodson family has owned the house since before 1952. [1925 CD; letter from owner]  

Other early residents, besides various generations of the Rigsbee family included Marvin W. Crews and Marvin S. Crews, who worked at nearby Lakewood Dairy where TROSA is now. 

This house was extensively renovated in 2012 and 2013 after being empty for a good while. It is currently a Bob Schmitz rental. 



Rufus L. Rigsbee (called R.L) was born and raised in Chatham Co. later moved to Durham and married Sara Taylor. Sara died after the birth of their daughter. Five years later he married Annie Laurie Tapp from Roxboro. Rufus was a carpenter/builder and he built this house. He also built the first Lakewood Baptist Church that was on James St. where he and Annie Laurie where charter members. Later R.L. purchased some farm land that was located on Dixon Road. There he built another house. William Ira Dodson married Christine Rigsbee, daughter of R.L. and Annie Laurie where they raised their family. Their daughter Bernice Dodson Eubanks later lived there until her death. My husband (Gary Lee Rigsbee) was the son of R.L. Rigsbee, Jr. and Louise Ferrell Rigsbee. Gary's father ran Rigsbee Bros. Lumber Company which was located in Chatham Co., who also built several houses on Dixon Rd. (all of which are now gone)

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