147 Pinecrest

35.984047, -78.94114

Cross Street
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You don't need to know everything, but do you know the year it was built?
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I can't say I'm particularly intrigued by 147 Pinecrest as architecture, but it is distinguished as the resting place for the gates to Somerset Villa, Julian Carr's east-of-downtown incredible mansion. I'm not sure if they just ended up here through some random salvage, or some more personal connection


Of course, I'm a little bit harsher in my -meh- reaction to 147 Pinecrest because of the way they're letting these gates fall apart like they were something you just pick up at Home Depot. Although I did see someone walking their dog out here, there isn't much place to walk to in Duke Forest unless you're walking to walk. This definitely looks like it's been forsaken for heavy driveway use.

All of which makes me hope these folks would give the gates to someone who cares about them - in one of the near neighborhoods where people walk by them every day. It's a shame for them to rot in obscurity.


That's the Jordan house. The Jordans were our across-the-street neighbors. My folks (Dr. & Mrs. M.J. Moses), my sister and I lived at 152 Pinecrest (the Alban Widgery house) from 1959 till the early '80s. I remember when Pinecrest dead-ended into 751 (now known as Academy Rd.). Our corner was known as "the biblical corner" because the Moses family was on one side, and the Jordans were on the other.
The Jordans were very nice people, although the daddy was very strict with his wife and daughters. My sister & I were friends with the wife and daughters, but we were scared stiff of the daddy.

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