1409 James Street – Theophelous Hight Duplex

35.98598, -78.925223

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(Below in italics is from the 2003 Lakewood Park National Register listing; not verified for accuracy by this author.)

Theophelous Hight Duplex. Craftsman-style 1-story duplex with hipped roof, 2 interior chimneys, German siding, 2/2 sash windows, and a hipped porch with Craftsman posts and a replacement railing. The hipped dormer has a louvered vent. Theophelous Hight, janitor, was long-time owner/occupant. [1930, 1939 CD; interview] 

Theophelous Hight was a janitor at nearby Lakewood School. He lived here with his wife Valley/Vallie and relative James R. Hight. In the 1940 city directory they still show as living here, but in 1942 she is listed as a widow working at American Tobacco. By 1944 Wallace D. May is living here and married to a Vallie (presumeably the same woman), but by the 1948 CD, Vallie is again listed as a widower. 

The home as of 2012, with a fresh coat of paint:

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