126-128 East Main St

35.994375, -78.899805

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Looking west on East Main St. from Church St., 1895. 126-128 E. Main is barely visible past the corner structure.
(Courtesy Duke Archives)

Looking southwest at the 100 block of East main, 1905, with 126-128 East Main slightly recessed. 
(Courtesy Duke Archives)

Looking west from the intersection of Church and East Main, circa 1920.
(Courtesy NC State Division of Archives and History)

For most of the mid-20th century, these 126-128 and 130 East Main (the corner) were the location of the Boy's Shop (on the corner) and the Young Men's Shop (126-128,) clothing retailers for the both.

Looking southwest, 1950s. Bryant's is gone, but Court Square Barber shop remains in the basement.
(Courtesy Durham County Library)

In the mid-1960s, these buildings were demolished. It doesn't appear that they were taken as part of Urban Renewal, so I don't know the reason for the demolition. It is possible that they were taken by the city separately and demolished for the parking deck which replaced Union Station.

Looking southwest, 1966. The old jail is in the background.
(Courtesy Durham County Library)

Looking southwest, 1968.
(Courtesy Durham County Library)

This remains a vacant lot today, with some fairly useless green space where the barbershop used to be. Again - infill, infill, infill.


Looking southwest, 2007.

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