1108 N. Mangum St.

36.006871, -78.893415

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1981 (Old North Durham Architecture Slides, Durham County Library)

(Below in italics is from the 1985 National Register listing; not verified for accuracy by this author.)

Around 1910, tobacco warehousemen Maynard Mangum and U.T. Umstead hired contractor Lonnie Glosson to construct this house which they sold to Carl Stallings, an executive in the Leaf Department of the American Tobacco Company. A front gable sheathed in embricated shingles and supported by brackets and exposed rafter ends dominates the main facade of this meticulously preserved triple pile house. Mr. Stallings did not occupy the house very long; in 1916, he sold the structure to M.B. Waller, a retired farmer from Granville County who moved to Durham with his eight children. The house remained in the possession of four of Mr. Waller's children as of 1985.


While researching my own house at 116 W. Lynch Street, I came across an advertisement from 1916 in the Durham Morning Herald that suggests the house at 1108 N. Mangum was built in that year, not 1910, and that the Contractor was J. H. Horner, not Lonnie Glosson. The advertisement includes a photo that looks very much like 1106 N. Mangum. Rose & Rose are listed as the architects.

Source: "Mr. M. Mangum New Residence and Firms Who Assisted in Construction," Advertisement, Durham Morning Herald, 27 Aug 1916, p.14. 

Interestingly, the porch brackets on 1106 N. Mangum match the ones on our bungalow and two others in the neighborhood. That particular millwork appears to have been popular for a time. I'd appreciate any info anyone has about it. ---Grayson

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