110 W. Trinity Ave.

36.005635, -78.894952

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National Register
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1981 (NHS photo / DCL)

~2012 (Durham County Tax Office.)



Our family home from the time I was born until 1954, when we moved to 1507 Washington Street (Duke Park neighborhood). The current appraisal district photo shows this property has been updated in what might be called the "craftsman" style. The front yard used to have a soaring crepe myrtle tree. The sloping driveway against the visible side of the house had a very large tree (since cut down); my sister planted it from a seedling. The back wall of the back yard had a rather large area from one side of the property to the other side. We had flowers and shrubs in there. The double glass doors off the open front patio/porch led to our dining room.

Correction on the time this was our family home - probably from either 1940 or 1941 until 1954.

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