108-110 East Parrish

35.995228, -78.899901

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108-110 East Parrish St. was likely a late 19th century structure, going by the embellishment present on this early 20th century picture.

Much like the Parrish building to its west, 108 East Parrish St. received a 1920s transformation, likely at the time of the above picture.

108 West Parrish, 1920s.

Below is one of the few views of the block face, with 108 East Parrish clearly visible, and the remaining structures rather fuzzy.

Looking east, 1940.

Another view of the block, from a colorized postcard, shows the block face, albeit without much detail.


With a loan company - ~1970.

108 East Parrish remains the only well-preserved structure in the block

Looking southwest, 2007.

As of 2012, the Parrish Street Grill is closed, and the grey facade covering has been removed. At least the eastern side (110) appears to have been rented by Schoolhouse clothing, and the interior is being renovated.



110 opened as "Monuts" - a doughnut and bagel and sandwich place - in March of 2013.


110 recently opened at the "Littler" Restaurant.  Also, by looking at the 1884 and 1888 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, we see that the E. J. Parrish Tobacco Warehouse occupied the corner of East Parrish and Mangum in 1884.  By 1888 the current configuration of brick builds had been built, so this building was build sometime in the window from 1884 to probably 1887.  

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