107 N. Church St.

35.994718, -78.899394

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Angle view, 05.13.07

1925: Excelsior Barber Shop (1st), Science Seekers Club (!) (2nd)

1935: Lucky Strike Billard Parlor (1st), Odell Green, watchmaker (2nd.)

1947: Adcock's Cafe




This building was ocuupied by the Durham County Welfare office for many years. One of my sister-in-laws worked there.

107 North Church Street is the ground floor space.

107 1/2 North Church Street is the second story space, accessed by the stairwell at the right-hand door.

In 1925 my grandfather, William "Willie" Frank Webster, ran the short lived Science Seekers Club billiards at 107 1/2 North Church Street. Also in this same space in 1921 was the first year home of the Webster family ran White Elephant Club, which moved to 213 1/2 West Main Street (the Jordan Building) in 1922. It remained open there until 1932.

107 North Church Street

Except for the years 1935 to 1941 when this was Lucky Strike Billiard Parlor owned by Edward Dewey Jones, the ground floor space maintained a continuous occupancy of normal businesses.

107 1/2 North Church Street

The second story space seemed to have a constant turnover of varying businesses.

1902 No listing.

1903-1904 Durham Upholstering Company (M.L. Carlton)

1905-1906 The Church Street Boarding/Rooming House (Mrs. Barabara A. Rogers)

1907-1912 The Church Street Hotel (Mrs. Lula Rogers Holleman)

1913-1914 No Listing.

1915-1917 Idle Hour Billiard Parlor (John. L. Lasater)

1919-1920 The Citizens Club (M. Doris Harris and George T. Morgan)

1921 White Elephant Club (McCoy "Coy" Webster)

1922-1923 Duranoca Club (George T. Morgan)

1924 Vacant.

1925 Science Seekers Club billiards (William F. Webster)

1926-1932 Vacant.

1933-1941 Odell Green watchmaker

1942 Vacant.

1943 Colonial Furniture Company (Leamon F. Couch) which also occupied the ground level since 1942.

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