105-107 W. Parrish St.

35.995622, -78.900586

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Aside from the two ends of the block, the south side of the 100 block of W. Parrish St. seems to have been rarely photographed. No pictures of this block face seem to exist prior to the fire of 1914 that destroyed most of the block. The first image of the block face is immediately after the fire

Looking west, 1914; the south side of the street is on the left. (I had not realized what an impressive terminating vista the Academy of Music once was at the west end of Parrish St. until seeing this picture.)

(From "Images of America: Durham" by Steve Massengill)

This picture gives evidence that 105-107 West Parrish is the only pre-fire structure in this block that remains standing as of 2012. Notice the brick detailing towards the top of the facade of the leftmost structure.

Strucutures were replaced/rebuilt, as they were on the Main St. side. Some, like 118-20 West Main extended through to the W. Main St. side.

In 1923, the businesses in 105-107 were:

105: Upchurch O C & Co
105 1/2: Ford & Co
United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America
107: Tillman R C
Parrish St Barber Shop

105-107 is the closest facade on the left - housing Durham Office Supply, Emily's Beauty Salon, and Duvall Hackett Florist - 01.31.53. You can see the same brick detailing near the top of the facade as is visible in the post-fire picture.
(Courtesy The Herald-Sun)

Many of the structures in this block have been destroyed again, by Urban Renewal, fire, neglect, etc., of the five facades that remain, 2, owned by Greenfire, are in very poor condition, and barely continue to withstand a perpetually anxious assault by the powers that be to demolish them. Because Durham loves its vacant lots.

Looking southwest, 2007.


03.17.07 - you can see how much the facade has been reworked since the fire picture.

This building is condo'ed into two commercial parcels. As of 2011, Peters' Design Works has taken storefront occupancy in the 107 side and owns that parcel/condo.


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