Volunteering With Open Durham

You can't tell the story of Durham's places without its people, and you can't build a community archive without...community!

Open Durham is launching a renewed, open call for volunteers interested in being part of the team that we need to keep this resource refreshed and reflective of diverse perspectives on our city's past and present.  The ongoing global pandemic may prevent us from gathering in person, but it has also in many ways reinforced the importance of collecting and sharing the stories that have shaped Durham online.

In addition to the undeniable hardships our neighbors and friends are facing, many have spent stay-at-home time on long-planned sorting of personal and family materials that are of unparalleled value in documenting Durham history.  Others may look to the stories of our shared past for a source of connection in the midst of the present social separation.  Whatever your point of entry, skill set, length of residence here, or particular interests - Open Durham can benefit from any time, insights, materials, or expertise you might have to share.

Join us for upcoming virtual meetings:

Volunteer Team Happy Hour - Wednesday, July 22nd, 7-8pm (Facebook event page)

Add-A-Page Workshop - Wednesday, July 29th, 7-8pm (Facebook event page)

Please sign up for either or both of these meetings using this form, and tell us a bit about yourself.  You'll hear from us with more details, links to the Zoom meetings, and maybe even a courtesy contribution to the happiness of your hour the first week ;-)

Can't wait to get together (virtually)!

Nicholas Levy
Volunteer Editor