Development and maintenance of a new platform for a modern historic inventory isn't cost-free; please donate to keep the site up and running. Any amount welcome!


Alternatively, you can send a check (electronically or through regular mail) to:

Contributing Structure, LLC

c/o Gary Kueber

507 Yancey Street

Durham, NC 27701


I am sorry that I do not have the time (I have a day job) to form and run a non-profit with a board, etc. in order for your contributions to be tax-deductible. Feel free to ask your favorite non-profit to provide support to Open Durham.

If you can't afford any monetary donation, but want to help, please email me about opportunities to volunteer - there is a lot of work to be done to enter and correct data, upload new buildings, etc. that require no special skill. If you have coding experience, website, or database experience and want to donate your time and expertise to help add features to the site, your contributions would be welcome.