Parrish, Doctor Claiborn


Parrish, Doctor Claiborn

Born: 05.28.1807, Orange County, NC

Spouse: Ruth Ward

Died: 07.11.1883, Durham, NC

Given the first name "Doctor" because legend had it that the seventh son would have a gift of healing, DC Parrish made his way as an Orange County farmer at Round Hill before becoming a founding father and early mayor of Durham, serving in that post for seven terms. Popularly known as "Colonel" DC Parrish, he seems to have been bestowed that rank through service in a local militia sometime between the War of 1812 and the Civil War. Owned land in present-day downtown Durham that had previously belonged to Dr. Bartlett Durham - donated land for Trinity Methodist Church on North Church Street and for the Durham County Courthouse.

Father of EJ Parrish, Father-in-law of Julian S. Carr


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