Michaux, Henry M. "Mickey"

Michaux, Henry M. "Mickey"

Place of birth: 
Durham, NC
Date of birth: 
Photo from profile on Durham County Courthouse website.

A native of the College Heights neighborhood, long-time attorney, activist, and public servant, Michaux represented Durham in the North Carolina General Assembly for forty years in two stints (1973-1977 and again 1983-2019).  Between those years he was appointed by the Carter Administration to the role of United States Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina, becoming the first African American to hold such office in the South since Reconstruction.

The oral history excerpt included here is a fragment of a longer interview Representatvie Michaux gave to Jack Bass immediately after the 1974 elections, available in full through the Southern Oral History Program database hosted by UNC libraries.  In this segment, he describes the functioning of the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People as a rallying point for African American political activity and unified voting efforts.


Source citation:

Michaux, H M, and Jack Bass. Oral History Interview with H.m. Michaux, November 20, 1974: Interview A-0135, Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007). See pp.2-7 of transcript, 01:56-11:09 on audio.


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